About Us

Indie Mic is a social portal devoted to all things concerning music. We are a member based website, that exclusively showcases, markets, and promotes independent musicians, from all genres of music, through online video submission.

The least amount any emerging, new, or unsigned musician, group, band etc., can expect to spend is $2500. At best you only get a few t-shirts, 100 cds, and a few stickers. Exposure is extremely limited.

Indie Mic greatly reduces, or eliminates completely, the costs associated with the marketing & promotion process, seen and unforseen, emerging or established talent. Some of these costs are: wardrobe, travel, hotel, food, groups of two or larger, and studio time, just to name a few.

Indie Mic saves you time, travel, and most of all, money! For a fraction of the cost for traditional marketing and promotional venues, any emerging musician, can be marketed and promoted effectively. Musicians submitting videos, will be charged a nominal sevice fee. Although some sites allow you to submit videos, at no cost to you, they do not market or promote them.

Membership is absolutely free, with no commitments, contracts or cancellation fees ever. However, only members submitting videos will be marketed and promoted, throughout our network. These include: homepage, subpages, email, t.v. commercials, our sister sites, and just about anything else we can think of. Free 30 second video clip to all celebrities, for upcoming albums, movies, etc., all we ask that our name and slogan, be announced in the clip. For Example, "Indie Mic, Be Promoted!"

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